Friday, January 22, 2010

Help, how to stop my rabbit from digging in the cage?

I have a young rabbit, about 4 months old. She digs and scratches the corners and bottom of her cage everying morning. It disturbs my sleep everyday, as she does this around 4 or 5am. Is there a way to stop this? or I just simply move her to another room so I don't hear it?Help, how to stop my rabbit from digging in the cage?
She is scared because she is still getting used to her surroundings. Move her to another room untill you think it is getting better, if not, go to the place you bought her and ask if the know how it can be solved, only if it was a pet shop.Help, how to stop my rabbit from digging in the cage?
The easiest way to deal with this is to get a small wooden box, fill it with straw or shredded newspaper, and when she starts to dig at the cage, try to put her in the box. This will give her the feeling of being in a dark and sheltered area like a rabbit den, and might help her stop digging.
She might be bored. Try putting an old towel in there for her to scoot around or an untreated wicker basket with strips of newspaper.
It's natural behavior, rabbits are burrowing animals. Does she have a house inside her cage to sleep inside or go into when she's frightened? It might help. She might also be hungry, and you could make sure that when you go to bed at night that she has enough timothy grass to see her through the night. If neither of those work, then you'll have to put her in another room overnight.
There digging can't stop. Its there nature. They are a

burrowing animal and its there nature to dig a hole to

escape predators. Bunny is scared and feel unsafe

sleeping above the ground. Fox,s owls and dogs can

get them while there sleeping. Poor thing is only trying to

feel safe.

Try this. Find a small wooden box with a hole the proper

size for her to go in and out. Face it so she can't see out

too fare and that should make her feel she is hidden and

safe. She would most likely chew up a cardboard box but

it would help a night or two.

If you are going to raise young rabbits then when the time

comes she will need to go to the bucks place. If you bring

the buck into her space she will fight hem. That's her space!

Now you could put a sign up that says ';no owls aloud'; but

Bunny knows that owls can't read so she would still be

afraid. Good luck with Bunny. Hope that helps. P.S.------

If you have lost your wallet you need to contact me as soon

as possible. Everything is safe. Check and see.
my rabbit does this too, i usually distract him by giving him a carrot and petting him for five.

many mornings i've been stood at 5 am in my shorts trying to reason with the little monster.

a carrot or a bit of broccoli usually distracts him tho.

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