Friday, May 14, 2010

Why is my rabbit sleeping in it's litter box?

Each time I try to put something in the rabbits cage (holland lop) it uses it as a bed. I put a corner litter box in there today, along with litter. My rabbit moved a lot of the litter out of the litter box and is now using it as a bed. Any suggestions? The litter box is the corner that ';murphy'; was using all the time to go to the bathroom. Every time he poops I have been moving the poop into the litter box so he knows what it is for.Why is my rabbit sleeping in it's litter box?
Sometimes rabbits will not use the litter box if it has been previously used by another kind of animal. Rabbits are pretty tidy and will find a spot of their choosing most of the time. Just scoop it out every day or so and replace the litter. Sometimes the rabbit will urinate in one area and poop in another separate spot-still easier than cleaning the whole cage every time though.Why is my rabbit sleeping in it's litter box?
Does your rabbit have anything else to lay on? Is the floor wire? Your rabbit is probably looking for a comfy to sleep. If the floor is wire, put some cardboard or something solid down. Giving him a small bed or blanket to lie on can help. A screen for the litter box can prevent him form taking the litter out and it won't be as comfortable to sleep in. You could also get another litter box to use as a bathroom and let him have the other one as a bed.
I had this problem. I was told it was because he was a male and it's a territory thing. They like the smell of themselves. They like to mark themselves I guess. If you notice when you let the rabbit out and they rub their chin on everything, it's to mark his territory. My male rabbit would dive in the litter box and roll around after a bath, wanted his scent on I guess.
can you just fill the litter box with lots of hay instead of litter?

bunnies love eating pooping and sleping the hay and then you wont have to worry about trying ot shange the habit.
lol.maybe ask the vet. They should give you suggestions.

please answer mine-鈥?/a>
I had a rabbit that did that, too. Not sure what causes it.

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